Do NOT rely on charts!

cartoon guitar player by bethann93 (vecteezy.com)


Yes, this website is about making song sheets or charts and they are indeed very useful.
While learning a new song and for reference books.

But you should NOT rely on charts. Especially on gigs.

Here are some points to consider.

  • You need a stand or chair in front of you to put the charts on
  • If you are playing outdoors in windy conditions you need pegs
  • It ruins all pictures and videos taken during the gig
  • You are nailed to the spot
  • You are not interacting with the audience
  • You are not interacting with the other musicians
  • Between songs you are busy searching the next chart
  • You are lost if the stage is dimly lit
  • You'll never ever truly learn the song

There is only one way to learn to play without a chart.
And that is to play without a chart.

It's simple like that. Nothing fancy.

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