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Transpose - How To

Basically, Chord Sheet Maker Online offers three options for transposing.
These are on-the-fly, a fixed standard transpose and changing the original source.

On the fly

To perform a transpose on the fly, you will find a toolbar button on the chart preview page.

But the app doesn't know anything about musical keys.
It just shifts the chords by the number of semitones you select in the drop-down list.

So you have to find the right key yourself.

If you are transposing down you might get flats (♭), and if you are going up you might get sharps (♯).

original chart

transpose button

For example, Your Song chart is written in C but uses a capo on the third fret.

Your Song by Elton John

transpose up

transpose up

So the obvious thing would be to transpose it up three semitones (like the capo does). But the result looks at least a bit unusal.

Your Song by Elton John

transpose down

transpose down

You want the right key, which is E♭. So instead of going up three steps, you have to go down nine semitones.

Your Song by Elton John

Use a fixed standard transpose

In the advanced edit form you can set a value for a fixed standard transpose.
The original source is NOT changed.

Transpose by changing the original source

Below the simple edit form you you can expand a hidden tidy & transpose button.

Transpose within a compilation

This is particularly useful when you want to create different variations of the same charts.

Imagine a series of songs that could have different keys to play with capos and brass.

If you play in more than one band, you may play some songs in different keys.

Or you could create a compilation with all the charts in the Nashville Number System.

Transpose within text snippets

To also transpose the name of the key in section titles and annotations, you must include them with square brackets [ ].

See this example in the features section.

If you are used to writing H instead of B

Take a look at the user preferences regarding the Musical note B - variation by geographical region.

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