Do you want to send me lots of money?

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Thank you for offering your support

Well, if you really like this site and want to show your appreciation sending money is the obvious thing.

Great, but then I would have to pay taxes and do extra paper work.

And I am lucky enough to have a paid job so I can do this website just as a fun project.

Some other ideas ...

Instead, make this world a better place and spread and share some love and music.

  • Support your local music scene. Go to a concert of a local band you never heard before.
  • Learn a new song and play it for your aunt, grandma, spouse or your neighbour.
  • Teach someone a new song or some chords.
  • Flip some bucks in a buskers hat.
  • Or Just send me an email, and tell me what you use the chordsheets for.
    Send bug reports and your ideas on how to improve this website.

Stay tuned and enjoy the music.