Manual Meta Characters

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Some chars have a special meaning.

# Comment
Comment lines start with a #.
+ Page break
A plus char at the beginnig of a line adds a page break.
- Text line
Line is interpreted as text annotation e.g. verse.
: Section Title
Text line rendered with a border. E.g. A and B sections.
= Section Title and Delimiter
Same as : and also delimiter of sections.
The previous bar gets a closing double line.
The next bar gets an opening double line.
_ Glue
Half-bar changes or split bars. If you want to have more than one chord in a single bar you have to „glue“ them together.
... Empty Bar
Can be used as placeholder if you haven't figured out some chords yet.
Or to create exercises where students add a variation or modulation themselves.
( ) Repeat a section |: :|
See examples
x3 Times
Repeat a section N times

1. 2. Endings, volta brackets
First and second endings or first-time bars and second-time bars
1.-3.+5.+8. 4.+6.+7.
You can use + and - to describe more complex variations.

% Simile mark - one bar
Print a simile mark
%% Simile mark - two bars
Print a simile mark
%1 %2 Repeat
%N = repeat N preceding bars.

Meta Characters

Example Source

- All Meta Characters
# A comment 
= A 
(A B C D)x2
A %1 C_D E
= B
(A B 1. C D 2. E F)
- simile mark one bar
A B C %
- simile mark two bars
A B %%
+ A second Page
(A B %2
C_D E_F %2 )x3
- 4 bars repeat
( E F G A
- empty bars
A ... ... D

Meta Characters

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