Frequently Asked Questions

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Website related

Why should I register?

To keep your own chord sheets permanently.

Is the usage of this website/service free?


Will you send me spam?

No. And your email will never be shared.

Are my song sheets publicly visible?

Only if you want to.
All the sheets you create are private by default.
Every logged in user has access only to his own chord sheets.
Optionally you can make your own chord sheets accessible by anyone.
To do so you can unlock a public URL in the chord sheet settings.

How can I change my email address/login?

You can't. Please send me an email.

Chord sheet related

Can I add lyrics to my chord sheets?

No, not really. The purpose of this tool is to create sheets with just the chord progressions.
You could add lyrics as simple text lines. But it is hard to relate the words with the changes.
Have a look at the ChordPro format. It might be better suited to your needs.

Can I change the font size?

No, you can't.

Do You have a question?

Please send it to me via email or use the contact form.