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Chord Sheet Maker Online is an easy to use online tool to create PDF files of song chord progressions.

Register and use it for free

You can use it right away but registration is recommended to keep your work permanently.
And it is free anyway.

Simple but efficient

It is by no means a "real" layout or professional music notation software.
But you can create simple chord charts really fast and efficiently.

Plain text - no WYSIWYG

It is not a WYSIWYG editor but uses a simple plain text format.
So you can use copy+paste to rearrange quickly.

Chords only – no lyrics

Chord Sheet Maker Online is intended for "chords only" sheets, so adding lyrics is not supported.
Or if you need to write down melody and rhythm as well, you are better off with a real music notation software.

Get your feet wet

Explore example songs
Create a new chord sheet

See an example

Click on the image to get a sample PDF.

«Your Song» by Elton John

Typical Usage Examples


Write down the chord progressions of your students favourite songs.


Make chord sheets for your band mates.
Whether it's your own songs or covers.

Playing Live

As a cheat sheet. Just in case. Beware! You should NOT rely on charts!


Examining songs is a very good exercise to improve your own songwriting skills.
And the best way to examine a song is to write down the form or arrangement yourself.

Where to start?

You can find detailed information in the how-to section.

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