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Chord Sheet Maker Online is intended for "chords only" sheets, so adding lyrics alongside the chords is not supported.

However, if you're dying to add the lyrics above the chords, check out the literal text line feature.

Adding the song text on an extra page

That is very straightforward. There is a button lyrics edit which takes you to a form where you just add the song text.

The font size is automatically adjusted to the maximum size.

You can add page breaks by adding a + sign on a single line.

Basic Markdown Syntax

With this formatting it is possible, for example, to visually distinguish between verses and refrains.

Markdown formatting is enabled by default, but you can disable it in the settings.


# Headline 1

## Headline 2

### Headline 3

#### Headline 4

Text formatting

* italic text *

** bold text **

*** bold and italic text ***


--- a horizontal ruler

> indent text block

+ split pages

The available formatting options

Lyrics Formatting Example

Changing the font

You can choose between multiple text fonts in the settings.
Some fonts support more characters or even writing systems other than the Latin alphabet.

Side by side view

On a large screen you can display the lyrics sheet alongside the chords sheet.

That might be useful for practicing songs.

You can set your preferred order, lyrics-chart or chart-lyrics, in the general user settings.

See as an example Amazing Grace


If you add your charts to compilations you can create different variants of these.

See as an example a compilation of some Traditionals.

Copyright concerns

Despite the fact that literally every song's lyrics can be found in multiple places on the internet, it's not allowed to post lyrics without permission from the copyright owner.

As a result, lyrics are only shown for some traditional (public domain) songs on this website.

But of course within your user account you can add lyrics as you like.

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