what to expect next

cartoon guitar player by bethann93 (

Beta Version

Chordsheet maker online is not complete yet and there are some issues!

This is just a brief overview of what to expect next.

Anything can change at any time.


Continuous tasks

  • bugfixing
  • improve pdf chord rendering
  • improve instructions


Beta / Prio 1

  • autosave / refresh preview image
  • settings form / add preview image


Prio 2

  • nicer tag input
  • bulk download of a users pdf


Prio 3

  • improve NNS - nashville number system notation
  • combine chord sheets to multipage collections/playlists

Back log

Some more ideas

  • allow some basic text formating
  • setlists
  • packing lists
  • apply transposition
  • apply repeat measure
  • chord diagramms
  • export to other formats e.g. json, musicXML ...
  • user can make own sheets public
  • page sizes (e.g. US letter)

Discarded ideas

Won't do it

  • Do–Re–Mi–Fa–So–La–Ti