Manual Compilation

How to create a compilation of charts

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Compilations of charts

A compilation is a convenient way to add multiple chord sheets to a single PDF.

Have a look at the example compilations.

You can export different variants of a compilation.

just the TOC
A way to make a setlist
just the chord charts
A way to make a chart book
just the lyrics
A way to make a text book
charts and lyrics
A way to make a song book
double page
practicing songs with lyrics

Double Page View

Good for practicing one page songs with lyrics - see an example

Use the image gallery to browse through the songs in full screen size.
Works best on a large screen. Not so good on small mobile devices.

Remember, only the first page of the charts or lyrics is displayed.

Transpose and annotation per compilation item

You can optionally add transposes and annotations for every chart in the compilation.

The annotations appear in the table of contents.

This can be useful if you want to add additional instructions.
For example, I use this to remember which blues harp to use for a song in the setlist.

The transpose per item is useful when you want to offer different chart variants.

For example, you could create a compilation using the Nashville number system or for transposing instruments such as brass instruments.

Since this transpose only exists in the context of the compilation, you don't need to change the charts themselves.

Table Of Contents / TOC

There are some options for the TOC.

left, center or right alignment
number consecutively
Separating lines
Add dividers after specific elements. E.g. "3,10,15", "5" (after every fifth line), "5," (only after fifth line. Note the trailing comma!)
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