Manual Rhythmic Notation

There's not much to it.

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Rhythmic Notation

Chord Sheet Maker Online is intended for "chord only" sheets, so rhythmic notation is not supported.

If you need detailed rhythmic notation (e.g. guitar strumming patterns), consider using a different tool.

However, there are some symbols that you can add to your chart to give at least some instructions.

Diamond ⬦

To use a diamond symbol, simply write diamond or <> right after the chord.

See the Example Diamond (PDF).

Fermata 𝄐

To use a fermata symbol, simply write fermata after the chord.

See the Example Fermata (PDF).


You can push a chord by an eighth or sixteenth note by adding < or << right before the chord.

See the Example Push (PDF).


To use rests, just write r1 to add a full bar rest or r2 to add a half bar rest instead of a regular chord.

To add a quarter note rest write r4.

See the Example Rests (PDF).

Stroke Symbols

To add stroke symbols just write one or more commas , right after the chord symbol.

See the Example Stroke Symbols (PDF).

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