Manual Bar Line Style

User Settings

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You can change the bar line rendering style in the general settings.

Globally affecting all sheets or each sheet individually.

Bar Line Style


The default is to draw regular bar lines.

No lines

But sometimes hiding the bar lines makes a sheet more readable.
Works best if all chords are vertically aligned properly.

If you prefer having no bar lines you can change the default value in your user profile preference settings .


Another option is to use a grid (grille).

I first learned about this type of chord charts while studying french manouche tunes.
So I use the french word grille.

It is very well suited for songs which consist of 8 bar sections as they are in many jazz tunes.
E.g. a 32 bar tune with an AABA form.

To use this rendering style you should also use landscape printing and set the number of bars per row to 8.

Track line

Another option is to use a track line.

TAB lines

While you can't add TABs, you can have TAB lines. So you can write the TABs by hand on a printout.

This can be useful for quickly sketching out chord voicings or bass lines.

You can choose the number of lines in the settings to suit other stringed instruments. Think bass, banjo, uke and the like.

Another setting lets you enable or disable bar lines. The default value is activated.

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