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Well, if you haven't already heard of, please have a look at the folding@home-project. Of course especially the fight against covid19.

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The folding@home software is really easy to install and use.
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musicians united against corona

The folding@home-team added some stats and teams to monitor the progress and to make it even more fun to use it.

I just startet a chordsheet-team, would make me happy to see people from all over the world joining this - or any other team - and start supporting the folding@home-project. - musicians worldwide united against corona

To join the add this team-id: 265876

Come on, I know you own the bigger and better computers than me. Catch me if you can.

Thank you very much!

Stay healthy! Take care for yourself and others! And enjoy the music!

Stefan (folding as Manouche-A-Trois)